David and Goliath

On Monday we receieved a lovely email from one of the fifteen people who managed to get to the Cabbage Patch for the David Francey gig on Sunday.

Dear TwickFolk

As I said to you last night ˜the world has surely gone mad when people are impeded from getting to your gig by the latest flavour of the month playing nearby. Despite this it was a magical evening made even better by such an appreciative audience.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to see David Francey again for nearly a decade since first seeing him at Towersey Festival. His songs have become a massive part of my life and I now have three beautiful children who have been brought up listening to his music. So nothing, not even “Gaga” would have prevented me from being there last night. It was a great pleasure to meet you all and I truly appreciate your commitment to promoting an art form outside the mainstream. It can’t be easy.

Rest assured that ‘our’ music will be touching lives long after the Lady along the road has been forgotten.

Last night will be a memory I will cherish. Thanks again.

Peter Saunders

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