Performing at TwickFolk

If you’d like to perform at TwickFolk, then please read the following…

We hold events on Sunday nights at Patchworks – a performance space within the Cabbage Patch pub in Twickenham. The capacity is flexible, and we have had events with 120 people in the audience (but also with less than 20)

In almost all cases we make the initial approach to the artists who end up headlining our events. Most are likely to be already known to our audience through radio, media, reviews etc. If you aren’t in that category it’s unlikely we would be able to offer a headline spot until that situation changes (as we simply won’t be able to get an audience to see you).

We occasionally book support spots for up-and-coming artists who we believe have genuine promise. These are usually 25 minute spots but we only offer them on the bigger guest nights. Takings permitting, we attempt to reimburse our support acts in some way.

If we don’t have a booked support artist we generally have two or three ten minute (two song) floor spots available. We are happy to take enquiries for these also. Floor spots are unpaid but all performers get a 50% entry discount and an opportunity to showcase themselves for the future.

We also have Singarounds and Singers’ Nights, where anyone can come along and sing a couple of songs – check the What’s On page for the next date.

We cannot offer advise on visa or travel rules for non-UK musicians.

Before emailing, take a look at our What’s On page to see the sort of acts we book. If you’re a good fit, then please send an email to (do not use the contact form - it goes to a different destination), telling us the following...

  • A little bit about you: who you are, where you're based, the music you make, i.e. why we should book you?
  • A link to a video of a recent live performance
  • A link to your web site, Facebook page, Twitter account and any other social media

We’ll have a look and listen to your music. If we like it, think what you do fits with what we present at TwickFolk and if we’re confident we can draw enough of a crowd to make it mutually viable, we’ll get back to you!

Please forgive us if it’s a standard reply (as we get hundreds of submissions every year). If you haven't heard from us within 4 weeks, then assume the worst, but we do try to respond to everybody who follows the guidelines.

TwickFolk is a registered charity staffed entirely by volunteers, most of whom are musicians.