BBC Folk Awards predictions

We predict that everyone loosely or directly connected to the folk music scene in the UK will all feel the benefit and be effective winners. There will be lots of media coverage, plenty of newspaper reports about the vibrant scene we all love to one extent or another. There’ll be five hours of network radio coverage from the awards starting at 5pm on Radio 2 followed by a special programme about the Dubliners.

Everybody in attendance will have a great time and be delighted for and cheer on the award winners regardless of whether they happen to be their mates.

We also foresee there’ll be plenty of grumbling from a small group of conspiracy theorists and other embittered people who can’t bring themselves to enter this spirit and who think some semi-pro semi-able friend of theirs should be nominated ahead of the highly able professionals at the awards.

In conclusion, if you look at it with an open heart and mind we’ll all be winners.

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