Singers’ Night (with stage, lights and PA system)

Date/Time Sun 02 Jul 2023 8:00 PM

Price On The Door - £5


Encore at the Singers' Night, April 2016, by Janet Gover

Finale at the Singers’ Night, April 2016 by Janet Gover

The return of the singers’ nights (after a 4 1/2 year absence), giving our regulars a chance to perform on stage with amplification and lighting.

Expect anything from sea shanties to psychedelia, with a mix of original songs, traditional songs and covers of well known songs, less known songs and some performers will take requests on the night.

For performers, a spot on a Singers Night consists of two songs. Performing on stage in front of an expectant audience puts us firmly in the spotlight and necessitates more practice and preparation.

To assist in the process our more experienced regular performers and volunteers are happy to offer assistance to help prepare those for whom the step up from the singaround to the darkened stage may be daunting.
So, please come prepared with everything you need…capo, picks, guitar strap and most importantly PLEASE to paraphrase Bob Dylan “know your song well before you start singing”

If you have any questions please email via the website. We hope that the most successful spots may eventually get the opportunity to progress to a full support spot (usually 25 mins- 5 songs)