Showcase: Gianfranco ‘GF’ Novarino + Floor Spots

Date/Time Sun 08 Mar 2020 7:45 PM

Price Online - £5 + booking fee; On The Door - £5


Gianfranco ‘GF’ Novarino plays the guitar and arranges, composes, sings and covers tunes belonging to a wide variety of genres and musical eras. His many likes include (but are not limited to) standards, ballads, country, folk, acoustic blues, jazz in all of its incarnations, bossa nova and music which doesn’t fit neatly in any particular category. His greatest passion is all minimalist, introspective music which is built around soulful lyrics of timeless, universal appeal.

N.B. This will be a ‘TwickFolk Showcase’ night where guests perform one 45 minute set preceded by floor spots