Mike Silver + Steve & Julie Wigley

Date/Time Sun 10 Sep 2023 8:00 PM

Price Online - £10 + £1 fee; On The Door - £12

Website: http://www.mikesilver.co.uk/

Mike Silver is a force to be reckoned with. Having just celebrated fifty years recording; taking his music far and wide through many European countries and further to the Falkland Islands, New Zealand, the United States and Canada, he is still gigging and touring with as much skill and enthusiasm as ever.

With a career spanning nineteen studio albums, he is a highly respected musician for the initiated, and a rewarding surprise for the uninitiated. Some exciting highlights pepper Mike’s musical career, having been immersed in music full time since his twenties. For a while he was signed to Elton John’s illustrious label Rocket Records in 1973. This led to two appearances for Radio 1 in Concert supporting Randy Newman and Annabel Lamb respectively. One of his compositions –  “Maybe it’s Just Love”, was covered by Justin Hayward. In 2003 his song “Not a Matter of Pride” was picked up first by Bob Harris and then by Terry Wogan and featured no less than 14 times on Terry’s Wake up to Wogan BBC Radio 2 show and on Breakfast TV.

If you’ve also not come across Mike before, you will be able to savour his restrained yet effortless, honest vocal delivery.

In Mike’s own words:

“I am still surprised by my own enthusiasm about playing and creating music. It is the more exciting to me than it was when I began recording in 1969 because back then, I had no idea at all what the future would bring, the amazing people I have become acquainted with, the fantastic friends I have made, and in witnessing the pleasure that folks have derived from my music. 50 years on it is still drawing me in!

I still find myself moved when people are moved by my music because it still surprises me that they are! It is simply a thing of wonder to me, that my music has the capacity to reach out and touch people. What more could I ask for?”

Steve & Julie Wigley are a duo from Derbyshire. Julie is the songwriter and they perform many of her songs, along with songs by some of their favourite songwriters such as Gordon Lightfoot, Hugh Williams and Ralph McTell.

Twice finalists in BBC Song for Lincolnshire, they are sure to have something to please you.