“Love And How To Survive It” with Sally Smithson and Eric Underwood

Date/Time Sun 17 Feb 2013 7:45 PM


Sally Smithson and Eric Underwood are tonight’s featured artists. They are longstanding friends and will share the stage throughout their two sets during which they will be trading crafted song and witty verse……some of it loosely cobbled around a ‘Valentine’ theme.

Sally Smithson writes simple, uncomplicated, rhyming verse about things that don’t always rhyme… e.g. love, sex, family, shopping, sex, public transport, fruitcake and sex. She has been writing since her divorce (she says it’s cheaper than therapy) and is well-known locally (or perhaps that should be well-known in her local). She has performed at Glastonbury Festival and participated in several poetry slam competions.

Eric Underwood sings and plays guitar. His songs have been collected over 40 years playing on the London Folk Scene. He says ‘Life circumstances and a change of musical tastes resulted in him not playing for 15 years until he took up the guitar again in 1991 when interest in acoustic music appeared to be making a revival’. The songs he arranges and performs are drawn from a wide range of influences both traditional and contemporary with a few of his own compositions thrown in too. He will be choosing material to blend with Sally’s poems and there’ll be a few anecdotes along the way.