Closed for the summer break: why not visit a folk festival? Click on this link for festival suggestions. Then come back and tell us who you discovered – maybe we’ll book them!

Date/Time Sun 30 Jul 2017 - Wed 23 Aug 2017 12:00 AM


Here’s a few folky ones…

21st – 23rd July: Village Pump – Priming The Pump

27th – 30th July: Cambridge Folk Festival

4th – 11th August: Sidmouth Folk Week

10th – 12th August: Fairport’s Cropredy Convention

11th – 18th August: Broadstairs Folk Week

18th – 20th August: Beautiful Days

19th – 25th August: Whitby Folk Week

24th – 27th August: Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

25th – 28th August: Shrewsbury Folk Festival

25th – 28th August: Towersey Folk Festival

Bloodstock: Actually, that’s only very, very slightly folky – folk metal bands are known to turn up there with hurdy-gurdys (Isarnos – we’re looking at you). However, John-the-sound loved it last year and recommends it.