Brace, Cooper & Jutz: Eric, Peter & Thomm bring top-notch Americana back to TwickFolk (no support)

Date/Time Sun 10 Mar 2019 7:45 PM

Price Online - £10 / £12 + booking fee; On The Door - £12


Eric Brace, Peter Cooper and Thomm Jutz weave stories, songs, harmonies, and guitar playing into something very special.

Eric and Peter have recorded and toured together for almost a decade now, and their last two albums were recorded in Thomm’s studio, with Thomm in the role as recording engineer, producer, guitarist, and harmony singer. Whenever they could, they’ve taken Thomm on the road, a side-man extraordinaire whose sublime flatpicking guitar style elevates anything Thomm weaves it into. But Eric and Peter knew that Thomm was also a world class songwriter, and they kept twisting his arm to take front-and-center during their shows and sing a few of his own compositions.  It was only a matter of time before the duo-into-trio transformation became official.

Eric, Peter, and Thomm each has something distinct and slightly skewed to say about the world, and when they bring their singular perspectives to the trio table, it’s a perfect example of a whole being much greater than the sum of its parts. And what parts they are!

Their second album as a trio is Riverland, a concept album, a daring thing in these days of shuffle modes and short attention. It’s about Mississippi — both the big river and the troubled-but-beautiful state — though Brace is a Washington D.C. guy, Cooper is from South Carolina, and Jutz grew up in Germany’s Black Forest.